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Nativity: A Christmas Cantata

Full Score (PDF)

Nativity: A Christmas Cantata


** To purchase individual songs, simply click the song's link below or browse our Sheet Music Downloads section.

Available to the public for the first time, Anne-Marie Hildebrandt’s original Christmas Cantata! Nine songs with connecting interludes, a narration, optional stage directions, and parts for two violins, viola, cello, oboe, flute, percussion, and piano, this 35 minute long collection follows Luke’s and then Matthew’s descriptions of the events surrounding the birth of Christ, punctuated by solo, choral, and instrumental pieces. A moving and beautiful tribute to the spirit of Christmas.

This package includes:

  •   -One full score as described above
  •   -Individual vocal/piano-only copies of each of the nine songs
  •   -Individual parts of each of the seven instruments (not counting the piano)
  •   -Individual part for the narrator
  • Once you have purchased a full score, $1 copy stickers may be bought for each of the nine pieces and seven instrumental parts.


    Vocals & Piano Only Score - $25

    The vocals & piano only score includes all nine pieces, plus connecting interludes for solo piano, a narration, and optional stage directions.

    Songs also available individually:

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